Ms. Bossy Pants - Part 2

From the girl who brought you Ms. Bossy Pants – Part 1, comes the second installment in what will most likely be a continuing series of unfiltered retorts by a two-year old. Early one afternoon, Nadine was preparing to leave the house with Moni, the baby that has the inability to speak and just look […]

Ms. Bossy Pants

Two-Year Old Logic As I sat in the car driving and serving as my children’s personal chauffeur. A voice from a determined two-year old in the back yelled, “Give me my Lovie!” I calmly replied, “Well honey, I’m driving and I can’t get it right now.” A yell shot back at me. “I WANT my […]

This Train Has a Flat

Train Concert

With a Train approaching . . . To celebrate our 13th anniversary, I bought concert tickets to one of Nadine’s favorite bands, Train. The chilly December night arrived with wet snow falling from the Nebraska sky. Proper attire was vital. Now Nadine and I aren’t known for being the most stylish or active readers of […]

Parasailing in Grand Cayman

Parasailing in Grand Cayman

Nearing the end of our term here in the Cayman Islands, the entire family created a bucket list, one of those items just happened to be being connecting ourselves to a boat by while dangling by a single rope several hundred feet in the air and sitting on a lone strap, all for pure amusement. […]