You Know You're Living in Grand Cayman When . . .

Stingray City, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Fourteen simple ways to recognize that yes, you are living in Grand Cayman. #1 You go out for a simple swim and end up kissing a very large stingray on a nice little patch of sand. #2 The sports section’s lead story is a full-page pictorial of the island flag football league. #3 You affectionately […]

Inky the Blue Iguana and Clucky the Chicken

Blue Iguana Sign in Little Cayman

Where Iguanas and Chickens Roam Free If you visit the Cayman Islands and don’t see a chicken or iguana, you either have your head buried in a smart phone or arrived during a hurricane. Iguanas and chickens are crawling all over island. Green iguanas are hanging on the sides of buildings and chickens are crossing […]