Parasailing in Grand Cayman

Parasailing in Grand Cayman

Nearing the end of our term here in the Cayman Islands, the entire family created a bucket list, one of those items just happened to be being connecting ourselves to a boat by while dangling by a single rope several hundred feet in the air and sitting on a lone strap, all for pure amusement. […]

A Cayman Bucket List

Cayman Bucket List Stingray City

There are a two instances while traveling or living abroad that really light a fire under your ass to get moving. That first moment that really gets you rolling is when you first arrive to that new location. You must experience everything unknown and you relish life in an acute way. It’s that National Geographic […]

Off the Beaten Track

Detailed Directions for Off the Beaten Track 50K Ultra-marathon

To succeed in life, one must prepare. As the great UCLA Basketball coach John Wooden said, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” That’s why most people brush their teeth so as to not scare friends or family. This includes thorough research and preparation for physical challenges that transpire in trying conditions. This includes physical […]