I've been Scalped!

Scalped by Students for the Children of Haiti Project

Yes, scalped. And by my own students! But hey at least it was for a good cause. Last week, I mentioned that I was raising money for the Children of Haiti Project, a charity that helps provide education for 50 kids all the way through high school. A group that otherwise would not have access […]

A Single Mullet can Help the Children of Haiti

Children of Haiti Project Haircut

Three years ago I arrived to the Cayman Islands with very short hair. Ever since, I haven’t cut my hair. Month by month it has grown and grown and grown and my wife has grown tired of a husband with a “man bun” Well, these long blond curls need to hit the road and help […]

Returning to my Peruvian Ceviche Past

Peruvian Ceviche

A Peruvian Ceviche Inspired Field Trip One of the great characteristics of working at Cayman International School and living on an island with approximately 55,000 inhabitants representing 140 nationalities is that there are great teaching opportunities waiting immediately around the corner, literally. As a world language teacher, I hunt for means to have students to […]