Disaster Strikes!!!

Couple Standing on the edge of Paracas Cliff, Peru

Roughly two and a half weeks ago, during warm ups of a student versus faculty basketball game at Churchill High School, I jumped to shoot. A ball from the other side of the court rolled under my left foot. I hit the floor, looked at a rapidly swelling ankle and immediately asked myself, “Why hadn’t […]

First Step: Around the World Tickets

Multi-stop Around the World Plane Tickets

After much deliberation, thought, comparing various companies, changing dates, and anticipation, those Around the world tickets have been purchased and we have to go now. Shucks, someone has to do it. Since you are reading this, we would gladly accept any donations to the John and Nadine travel the world fund. Any denominations would be […]

Around the World Travel - Just the Beginning

Palm Tree Over Kar Kar Island, Papua New Guinea

Planning our Around the World Trip As we sit here 4 months from our departure on our around the world travel to the great blue wonder, Nadine and I have planned this 9 month trip for a good 16 months. Whew, we could have completed the trip twice given the amount of time we spent […]