The Wide World of Cayman Sports

It is said that when a person moves to Grand Cayman, they either become a fitness fanatic or an alcoholic.

I am still weighing my options.

My first dip in the salty Caribbean water just happened to be a competitive one.

My first swim in the Caribbean Sea was a Wednesday late afternoon. The local Cayman Triathlon Association had organized an aquathlon. So I jumped in the water, immediately heard the horn go off, and began swimming. While other swimmers were churning water next to me racing to the next buoy, I was more focused on the colorful fish darting below me.

Grand Cayman is an incredibly active island and appreciates all sports. Our first weekend on island, the Caymanian Compass had a half page article about the flag football league and the upcoming playoffs. Here you will find leagues from basketball to inline hockey. There’s even a fencing league. Basically if there is a sport you play, it’s likely there is a group playing it on the island.

Nadine and I don’t want to be left out, we’ve already signed up for a few races.

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