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Ms. Bossy Pants - Part 2

From the girl who brought you Ms. Bossy Pants – Part 1, comes the second installment in what will most likely be a continuing series of unfiltered retorts by a two-year old.

Early one afternoon, Nadine was preparing to leave the house with Moni, the baby that has the inability to speak and just look unbelievably cute, which both parents truly, truly appreciate. And Annie B who hasn’t stopped talking since she started producing one-syllable sounds.

Nadine simply asked little Annie B to put on her socks and shoes so they could make a quick trip to the grocery store.

Nonchalantly, she glanced up at Nadine from the floor and retorted “Hush! You’re driving me crazy!”

That’s right little girl!

Ms. Bossy Pants

Two-Year Old Logic

As I sat in the car driving and serving as my children’s personal chauffeur. A voice from a determined two-year old in the back yelled, “Give me my Lovie!”

I calmly replied, “Well honey, I’m driving and I can’t get it right now.”

A yell shot back at me. “I WANT my Lovie!!!”

At this point I retorted, “Quit being bossy.”

Not to be outdone, the sweet little voice said “I’m not bossy, I’m a gurl.”

“Yeah, you’re a bossy girl.”

“No, you’re bossy and I’m a gurl.”

I just allowed the cuteness and cleverness of this exchange to win out.

P.S. She didn’t ask for her Lovie again until we got home. Looks like we all won.

This Train Has a Flat

With a Train approaching . . .

To celebrate our 13th anniversary, I bought concert tickets to one of Nadine’s favorite bands, Train.

The chilly December night arrived with wet snow falling from the Nebraska sky. Proper attire was vital.

Now Nadine and I aren’t known for being the most stylish or active readers of magazines like Esquire or Elle. For the concert, I threw on some old jeans, tennis shoes, and a t-shirt with a clever quip. Nadine felt it was important to pull out her old Nike ACG hiking boots from 1996. Yes, literally from 1996. I rarely make any recommendations to her about her clothing other than it should be tighter and a bit shorter. Purely for fashionable reasons. This time, I felt her Nike ACG boots were a bit . . . decrepit. Demonstrating a personality trait that I usually only see in my two-year old daughter, she refused and left the house in her tired boots in the inclement weather. I tried.

After dinner, we walked through the tumbling snow to the glowing Baxter Arena and our 10th row seats. The night started off with the great Irish trio of Rua. The Nebraska crowd warmly welcomed all of their jokes. Honestly, any joke in an Irish accent is bound to be successful outside of Ireland. I also noted that the crowd appeared to be overwhelmingly AARP members. Not sure what that means.

Well, between Rua and the second band, Parachute, Nadine headed up to the mezzanine to visit the little girls room. As she walked, she noticed that everyone kept staring at her. Standing in line, she finally realized why, the sole of her antique boot was barely hanging on by the twenty year old glue on the tip of her shoe. Both Nadine and her shoe had their mouthes agape in shock!

Upon her return to the concert floor, Nadine informed me of a certain footwear malfunction. At this point, the only mature and supportive deed I could do was simply state, “I told you so!” That made her feel sufficiently better.

During the Parachute segment of the evening, Nadine felt just a bit more unsteady while dancing. That might have been a direct result that her left sole had completely fallen off.

Train Concert

Things Got a Bit Topsy Turvy

By the time Train started singing “Marry Me” on stage, Nadine had regained her balance, that’s because the other sole of her boot had fallen off too!

At the end of the evening, Nadine and I left the concert, but she was not overly impressed with the Train part of the concert. I’m not sure if it was the sixty minute show or the snow creeping in through her soleless boots that was the guilty culprit. I know that I found it quite entertaining.

The moral of the story: always listen to your husband when he gives you advice about your clothing. What could possibly go wrong?

Parasailing in Grand Cayman

Nearing the end of our term here in the Cayman Islands, the entire family created a bucket list, one of those items just happened to be being connecting ourselves to a boat by while dangling by a single rope several hundred feet in the air and sitting on a lone strap, all for pure amusement. This is also better known as parasailing.

Sophie was cool as a cucumber until we boarded the boat, then she politely allowed the other couple to go ahead of us. Such a courteous girl. Once she saw the first couple safely take off and land, she felt comfortable going next.

Attached to that 400 foot rope, we gently left the deck of the boat and began floating gently above the Caribbean Sea. It felt like hovering over an immense crystal blue fishbowl with slices of coral reef descending towards the depths of the sea floor. Fortunately, a single strap hugging our butts separated us between 15 minutes of great views and the largest tandem cannonball of monumental proportions.

Parasailing in Grand Cayman

Shouldn’t I Have Been Clipped In?

Parasailing in Grand Cayman

Just Hangin’

Parasailing in Grand Cayman

Such a Courteous Girl

Parasailing in Grand Cayman

I See Some Reef

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