Ms. Bossy Pants

Two-Year Old Logic

As I sat in the car driving and serving as my children’s personal chauffeur. A voice from a determined two-year old in the back yelled, “Give me my Lovie!”

I calmly replied, “Well honey, I’m driving and I can’t get it right now.”

A yell shot back at me. “I WANT my Lovie!!!”

At this point I retorted, “Quit being bossy.”

Not to be outdone, the sweet little voice said “I’m not bossy, I’m a gurl.”

“Yeah, you’re a bossy girl.”

“No, you’re bossy and I’m a gurl.”

I just allowed the cuteness and cleverness of this exchange to win out.

P.S. She didn’t ask for her Lovie again until we got home. Looks like we all won.

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