Parasailing in Grand Cayman

The Best and Worst of Living in the Cayman Islands

Nearing the end of our term here in the Cayman Islands, the entire family created a bucket list, one of those items just happened to be being connecting ourselves to a boat by while dangling by a single rope several hundred feet in the air and sitting on a lone strap, all for pure amusement. This is also better known as parasailing.

Sophie was cool as a cucumber until we boarded the boat, then she politely allowed the other couple to go ahead of us. Such a courteous girl. Once she saw the first couple safely take off and land, she felt comfortable going next.

Attached to that 400 foot rope, we gently left the deck of the boat and began floating gently above the Caribbean Sea. It felt like hovering over an immense crystal blue fishbowl with slices of coral reef descending towards the depths of the sea floor. Fortunately, a single strap hugging our butts separated us between 15 minutes of great views and the largest tandem cannonball of monumental proportions.

Parasailing in Grand Cayman
Shouldn’t I Have Been Clipped In?
Parasailing in Grand Cayman
Just Hangin’
Parasailing in Grand Cayman
Such a Courteous Girl
Parasailing in Grand Cayman
I See Some Reef

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