A Single Mullet can Help the Children of Haiti

Three years ago I arrived to the Cayman Islands with very short hair.

Children of Haiti Project Haircut
Travel to the Cayman Islands

Ever since, I haven’t cut my hair. Month by month it has grown and grown and grown and my wife has grown tired of a husband with a “man bun”

Children of Haiti Project Haircut
Walk in White Tank Mountains

Well, these long blond curls need to hit the road and help someone along the way.

The Children of Haiti Project was created after the 2010 earthquakes. The Children of Haiti Project’s stated mission is “to provide learning opportunities to children in Haiti with limited or no access to formal education, through the collective support and leadership of international schools, international institutions, and individuals worldwide. Our goal is to nurture each child’s intellectual, ethical, social and physical growth, that each may become a positive, contributing member of the Haitian community.” Their aspirations are to #1) Support 50 children in a full academic program to completion of a secondary education and #2) Support continuous cohorts of children to become literate in reading and writing to at least a 12-year-old level.

For the last two years, Cayman International School has supported the Children of Haiti Project. Our entire staff has helped this mission in some manner. A group of teachers is traveling to Haiti over our March spring break to help out with the mission.

Children of Haiti Project Haircut
First Visit to the Turtle Farm

How am I going to help children in Haiti? Well, I am going to get a haircut!

Children of Haiti Project Haircut
A Hairy John White

“John, how is cutting your curly afro going to actually help children in Haiti?” you may be asking yourself.

Well, I am going to allow the most responsible and creative people on campus to cut it . . . the students. And they get to decide how to cut it. What could possibly go wrong?

The homeroom that raises the most funds will be announced during our Friday morning assembly. At the outset, we will announce the winner and during the assembly in a top-secret place, the coaches office, I will get a fresh new look. Af for the rest of the school day, I will wear a unique hair style.

What kind of haircut? Mullet, bald spot, whatever these creative homeroom students can come up with as long as it doesn’t look like Jeremy Pepper’s hair.

What do you think? What would you do with this fro?

If you feel so inclined, click on this link for the Children of Haiti project to donate or even serve this educational mission in Port-au-Prince.

Children of Haiti Project Haircut
Children of Haiti Project Haircut

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