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Iconic Merlion at Merlion Park in Singapore
Iconic Nadine and Merlion at Merlion Park in Singapore

11.09.2006 – 14.09.2006

We finally made it to Southeast Asia, where we will spend a good majority of our travel time on this around the world trip. We had been looking forward to this segment as it was probably going to be a bit more challenging and enlightening at the same time. We started with our overnight Gulf Air flight out of Sydney. Consequently we arrived into Singapore at 4:40 a.m. with more people awake than should be at this insane hour.

After finding a hostel that would take us at 7:00 in the morning, we set out in the heat and humidity on the MRT (Mass Railway Transit) to find our crappy little hostel. After traveling Australia, New Zealand, and the Cook Islands for 2 months, we were not ready for the heat or humidity of the small island nation. With a single step outside, our clothes are instantly sweaty. Because of the local climate, our new habit is to shower three times a day to curb a funk that might think of joining us.

Once we settled into Singapore and its’ weather, we tried some local cuisine from the food stalls. This was a new cultural experience, and our senses had a challenging time deciphering the exact contents of our food.

Raffles Hotel Singapore
Raffles Hotel Singapore

While visiting major sites in Singapore, we met many neighborly Singaporeans that eagerly helped us when we were lost, or even if we were not. We visited the famous Raffles Hotel, a huge white construction (not just a hotel) built in the late 1800s by Armenian immigrants. The museum upstairs gave us a little history of the building and Singapore itself.

Sentosa Island Cable Car Ride
Sentosa Island Cable Car Ride

Our visit to Sentosa Island just a few kilometers south of Singapore itself. The best part was our cable car ride over from Singapore providing a bird’s-eye view of the surrounding area. Sentosa Island had an amusement park feel, and we being the big kids we are, we couldn’t leave without trying one of the attractions. John’s choice was the “luge“, which was actually a plastic cart with a single break screaming down a semi-steep curving concrete path. This was a quick detour, but it was fun nonetheless. Geographically speaking, Sentosa Island also happens to be the southernmost point on the Asian continent. That was pretty cool to be there even though we hadn’t been hardly anywhere north of it!

Right Before Singapore Haircut
Pre Singapore Haircut

The next day John decided he needed a haircut. He found an Indian barber in a park near our place that would cut hair for just 5 Singapore dollars, so why not? Considering the climate, John thought the best haircut for travelling might be a buzz cut. As for you Texans, that’s a burr. As all his blond hair came off, I wondered if he might look a little funny, but it’s a new “militaryish” look for him one could say. He can look very mean with that haircut if he wants to!

Post Singapore Haircut
Post Singapore Haircut

Our last activity was a Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo. It sounds a bit corny, but it was actually very good. We saw a lot of big animals, and it was a clever setup. Since it was nighttime, we couldn’t see the cages, and in some instances there weren’t cages at all. There were moats separating us from the animals. We were joined on our Night Safari by a fellow traveller from Belgian named Herman. I told him about the “Herman the Worm” story, and he thought that was pretty amusing.

Singapore Zoo Night Safari
Singapore Zoo Night Safari

As for now, we have entered into Malaysia, and are enjoying the laid-back beach life so far.

For now, selamat jalan.


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