A Cayman Bucket List

There are a two instances while traveling or living abroad that really light a fire under your ass to get moving.

That first moment that really gets you rolling is when you first arrive to that new location. You must experience everything unknown and you relish life in an acute way. It’s that National Geographic phase of travel. “Geez, those pink flowers sure are beautiful!” “What do you know, there are rare iguanas just soaking up sun in the middle of the road. How quaint!” “That is amazing, look at all these free range chickens hanging out next to the trash cans without a care in the world.”

Eventually, that National Geographic stage just wears you out like a New Mexican police report. You start taking naps, lounging around the hotel room, maybe stare at the chlorinated water splashing around the pool instead of making the epic 50 foot walk over to that big, beautiful, sandy beach. This stage eventually passes too . . . shortly before you leave.

You hit the third stage. You realize you have a limited amount of time before you return. You make immediate plans for the following morning to beat the crowds to the Queen Elizabeth Botanical Gardens that are teeming with blue iguanas (truly rare).

Cayman Bucket List Cayman Dock
Cayman Dock

That leads us to our current story. We moved to Grand Cayman three years ago, but we now stand just 46 short days until we depart for good. So we sat down to dinner one night and I asked each family member what they wanted to do before we left the island. The answers below reveal a bit of each person.

Annie B

* Go to the Big Park (We really don’t think she truly understood the question and we really didn’t understand her response (“Dah dah dah park.”) The Big Park isn’t really big, just a little worn down playground)


* Eat dinner at Margaritaville (They have a pool and a slide)

* Eat dinner at Casanova (He won a gift certificate there. He feels obligated to go there since us adults really want to go there.)


* Eat dinner at Margaritaville (Duh, they have a pool and slide)

* Go shopping at the Book Nook or Books and Books (This has been her go to place for birthday presents)

* Have a playdate


* One last dinner cruise over to Rum Point with Red Sail Sports (It’s peaceful and cruise over the water)

* Visit that one new tourist spot, Crystal Caves (Maybe if it is not too expensive)


* Helicopter Ride around the island (This is the one thing that I vowed to do when I arrived to the island three years ago)

* Parasailing along Seven Mile Beach (Nothing wrong with another aerial view of the island and Seven Mile Beach)

* Just one more quick visit to Cuba before the real changes occur this next year (Quickly vetoed by a very pregnant wife for some reason)

* Just one more quick visit with the family to Little Cayman

* Participate in a Cayman tradition, Sunday brunch (Mimosas with brunch are strongly encouraged as you get the best of both worlds, a little juice and a little bubbly)

* Kayak one of my favorite spots on island, South Sound

That leaves us 46 days to get accomplishing. Oh by the way, I forgot to add that we also need to have our fourth child and pack up to move from the country. No worries, just put those on the bucket list!

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